Which Camping Tent to Buy?

This past weekend, my family and I went camping, and we all had a fantastic time. The weather was just perfect. Evenings were crisp, while the days were a comfortable moderate temperature. The fishing is starting to become better. The youngsters were ecstatic when they reeled in a pair of bream that were about the size of their palms. Our next-door neighbours went camping at the same time as us, but instead of sleeping in a tent, they slept in their camper. We experienced the great outdoors by camping in tents. Yes, tents. The children are overjoyed to have their very own, which they now have.

When they are a little bit older, your children will certainly enjoy playing in their own place. We have a spare camping tent that the children are welcome to use, and of course, if you have the means to do so, you can always purchase another tent for the children; but, in most cases, an older tent that has been passed down is sufficient. To clarify, what I mean is that I appreciate the notion of purchasing a new camping tent and giving away the old one. I now have a reason to buy a new tent for camping, which doesn’t happen nearly frequently enough, and the kids also receive tents that are quite new. Works for everyone.

Here are some considerations when choosing the right camping tent:

Circumstances of usage

These are the typical circumstances under which one might purchase a camping tent:

  • You have decided to purchase a tent suitable for camping with a family.
  • You have decided to purchase a car camping tent (whether for family or whomever)
  • You are going to be selecting a tent that can be used for canoe camping or hiking.
  • You are interested in buying a tent that can be used for multiple types of camping, such as canoe camping, automobile camping, and family camping.
  • You are going camping in extreme (read: chilly) weather, thus you are going to get a tent suitable for such conditions.

The size and weight of the camping tent should be relative to your camping activity.

Tent for a Family or a Group

This category operates under the presumption that you have a family consisting of four people or more and that you are within a few hundred feet of the spot where you will be camping. It also makes the assumption that the family will want to camp out in order to get the highest possible level of comfort. In most cases, weight is not a concern, and most outings with the family do not take place in areas with very severe weather.

Either a large dome tent or a cabin tent is going to be your best option in this category when it comes to convenience and comfort. Unfortuitously, this category also includes the types of products that are produced on a budget and may be easily obtained from a K-Mart near you. In my opinion, a cabin tent that is both affordable and poorly manufactured is not the best option for families. However, this is not always the case.

Investing in a large dome tent is something I strongly suggest doing (or two, depending on the number and age of the kids). Dome tents, such as The North Face Foundation 44 – 4 person tent, are more likely to keep you dry than traditional cabin tents due to their superior construction, reasonable prices, and spacious interiors.

A high-quality cabin tent like the EQUIDOME 6-PERSON TENT by EUREKA! is an option for you to consider purchasing for your upcoming camping trip if you do not anticipate any problems with the weather, in particular with the wind.

Check out the EUREKA CAMPING CONDO TENT if you have a large family, are part of a group, or are looking for a way to keep your children occupied in a separate area of the tent. It is really enormous in size.

Tent for Camping in a Car

When you go camping in your car, you typically do not need to be as concerned with the weight of your belongings. On the other hand, I would argue that the majority of, if not all of the concerns for the family tent also apply to the car camping tent. It truly depends on how many individuals in your party are going to be camping in their cars.

A camping excursion could consist of two persons in a car, but the tent could sleep six people if it was large enough. Who gives a damn, right? You are just going to drive up to the camping spot, unload your belongings, and then start putting up your tent there and then.

My preference continues to be for a dome tent, such as the Kelty Streamside 4 Tent, which is a 3-season, 4-person tent. Simply said, it is contingent upon the number of persons in the gathering.

Canoeing and Backpacking as Your Camping Options

My good pals, everything revolves around weight. Even if you and your buddies are going to split the load by dividing up the equipment, you still want it to be as light as it can possibly be. In addition, you want the material to be of a high grade, and you want it to be stable, especially during stormy weather.

Tents designed for camping and utilised for various activities are sometimes referred to as 3-season or 4-season tents. When going trekking, the best option is almost always to bring along a sturdy yet lightweight four-season tent. If you are going to be canoeing or travelling by any other means and the weather is not going to be too bad, a quality tent that can withstand all three seasons will be sufficient.

It’s possible that a tent with a half dome would be sufficient for two people.

It can make more sense to bring along two or more tiny tents rather than one larger tent if there are three persons or more in the group. The Marmot Swallow Tent is a three-person tent that is suitable for use during the summer, fall, and winter. However, the gear might need to be shared among several hikers.

When I go hiking with a group, I usually bring a lightweight tent that can accommodate two people and divide the stuff that we need between my hiking partner and me.

Tent for Camping That Serves Multiple Purposes

I am including this category of camping tent for the outdoor enthusiast who likes to go camping on the weekend, possibly canoe camp, or even hike a couple of miles with gear to a favourite campground. This category of tent is designed to be lightweight and portable. Both this tent and this person are familiar to me because they are both representations of myself in general. Tents of this type might also be referred to as “three-season tents” in some circles.

A high-quality, long-lasting, and reasonably lightweight dome tent, such as The North Face Roadrunner 3 Tent 3-Person 3-Season tent, is the kind of tent that I would suggest using for these kinds of outdoor activities. I have a tent quite similar to this one, and I feel that it is sufficient for me if I need to hike anywhere between five and ten kilometres with it.

Tent for Extreme Outdoor Camping

You are going to need a specific kind of tent, such as this Bibler Tempest Tent 2-Person 4-Season tent if you are travelling somewhere that is going to be extremely cold, wet, and intense. Because you will be hiking in such harsh conditions, these tents are typically made from lightweight materials. Tents like these are sometimes referred to as “four-season tents.”

They are more intimate, typically catering to one to four people (usually a maximum of two). Typically, there are more vertical walls to facilitate the easy removal of snow.


  • Once more, some things to keep an eye out for are:
  • Large openings
  • Take into consideration the type of camping you will be doing as well as the weight of the tent.
  • A sufficient amount of space for lounging around.
  • The tent has sufficient storage places on the interior.
  • Quality aluminium poles. Imagine the address 7000 Easton.
  • A floor covering that is attached to the bottom of the tent rises approximately six inches up the edges.
  • Ripstop material.
  • The rain fly should hang down to within a few inches of the ground at its lowest point.
  • Adequate ventilation on all sides.

Time of Year

What time of year will you be doing your camping?

If you only camp during the summer, you probably don’t need to spend the money on a tent that can withstand all four seasons. However, if you camp year-round, you should probably get a tent that can. You need to give some thought to whether or not the tent has an effective waterproofing system. Look closely at the seams. It is important to ensure that the base of the tent feels like a bathtub. It is important that the waterproof bottom come up the sides by 4-6 inches.

There are generally three types of camping tent classifications and each depend on the time of year that they will be utilized.

  • All-season or convertible – these are used year round but despite the name do not perform well in harsh winter weather. Weight is generally not an issue.
  • 3-season – this type of tent works well for all but the harshest cold weather condition.
  • 4-season – built for extreme cold weather climates.

Most of the time, when people think of an all-season camping tent, they picture a large vehicle or family tent. The majority of cabin tents are designed to be used year-round. These are wonderful for summer camping in a relaxing setting.

My personal recommendation for the most adaptable camping shelter is the three-season model. Some of the bigger tents are perfect for family camping trips, while some of the smaller tents for two people are great for hiking and other outdoor activities. This kind of tent is almost always a dome style.

Staying Dry

As simple as it sounds, your camping tent must keep you dry.

It is possible for you to go to the nearby army-navy surplus shop and purchase two shelter parts in order to use them for camping. When I was in the army, we disliked having to bivouac in those canvas tents because as soon as you touched the fabric on the inside, it would cause the tent to start leaking, particularly when it rained but also from the morning dew. This was really frustrating for us.

But hold on, you say that instead of a rain fly I could simply use an army poncho to protect myself from the rain. You have a valid point. You may also consider purchasing a poncho to wear over the top of your shelter half. But now the air circulation is compromised!

However, what about the floor itself? Because of the moisture coming from the ground, you need a groundcloth. Indeed, we need to get at the very least one more poncho for use on the ground.

The main idea here is that modern technology is an amazing development. Tents designed specifically for camping may be bought with a coating that repels water but yet allows airflow to pass through. The majority of tents designed for camping are outfitted with a watertight rain fly that is affixed to the tent poles and yet permits ventilation. And last, many tents designed for camping feature flooring that are sewed into the bottom of the tent.

On this page, you’ll find further information regarding various camping tent materials as well as the rain fly.

Make it EASY

The camping tent should be fairly easy to set up, or “pitch”.

The camping tent you purchase need to be quite simple to erect. There is no other moment other than when it is pouring or when it is dark when this will become more obvious.

How therefore can I determine whether or not the tent will be simple for me to erect? Camping tents with an A-frame or a dome design are often simple to set up. Using a cabin tent is not always the easiest option. To see more simple tent designs for camping, go here.

On the other hand, when the time has come to pack up your tent and go on, you will want it to fold up into a tidy package that is simple to store and carry with you.

Let the Air Through

There should be adequate ventilation on all sides of the camping tent.

Your camping tent need sufficient airflow in order to function properly. A quality tent for camping, such as the one seen above, will have openings on all sides.

The majority of tents designed for camping will also come equipped with mesh screens on either side. Even if you are attempting to keep the bugs out of the tent, or even if it is windy and there is debris, this will allow air to continue to circulate through the tent.

If the insects in the location where you want to go camping are bothersome, you should look for a tent that has a wide mesh opening in it.

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