Silly Camp Songs 

Singing goofy tunes over a campfire is a great way to get people engaged in singing. Young children are the ones that will participate, become interested, and sing the loudest! Especially those in the cub scout programme. Who doesn’t like hearing children’s laughter? If you can encourage youngsters to laugh and have a nice time, it won’t be long until almost everyone is having a wonderful time.

They won’t want to stop singing goofy camp tunes once you get them started. At the very least, the children will not. I try to offer a nice mix of hilarious songs, classic campfire songs, songs with movement, and one or two calmer, less raucous campfire tunes. Of course, you are free to do it your way. Every campfire is unique. It lends itself to vibrant singing at times and softer, more sombre singing at others. You just need to gain a sense of what is ideal for the people you are with.

Here are a few of my favourite amusing songs:

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt:This is one of those tunes that almost everyone knows. If they don’t, it’s one of the simplest. When you get to the finish, this is a lot of fun. Every time you sing it, it becomes louder: John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt la da de da da da da!
  • I discovered a peanut: This song, set to the tune of “Clementine,” is one of those that could be played again and over. If you start singing this with your kids in the vehicle, you should set a time limit on it or you’ll go insane! You may make up your own movements to suit the lines while you sing this camping song.
  • Nobody Likes Me: If your group like songs about eating worms, this is the tune for you. Before you perform this song, go out and get some gummy worms to spread around. While singing this song, the group may munch their gummy worms.
  • Do Your Ears Hang Low: To the tune of “Turkey in the Straw.” The following are the actions:
    Do your ears hang low (place your hands behind your ears to make them seem larger) and do they jiggle to and fro? (sway your fingers)
    Can you tie a knot in them? (draw a knot in the air)
    Can you make a bow out of them? (draw a bow in the air)
    Can you sling them over your shoulder? (act like your throwing a bag over your shoulder)
    Similar to a continental soldier (salute)
    Do you have low-hanging ears? (same as above)
  • I Like Bananas, Coconuts, and Grapes: As you go through each stanza, this one seems stupid. The first verse is performed normally. After that, in each stanza, replace all vowels with a ‘a’, ‘e,’ or one of the other vowels. In The Great American Campfire Songbook, I go into further detail on how to sing this song. It’s a lot of fun.
  • McGregor Was Dead: It’s great to sing this faster and faster each time. It’s difficult to say everything without tripping over your tongue!
  • Cannibal King: This is a girl’s camp favourite. It’s much more entertaining if you sing the conclusion quicker each time you get there. You’ll be like Jerry Lewis, who quipped, “My tongue got in front of my eyetooth, and I couldn’t see what I was sayin’.” This song contains four verses, so don’t be put off by that. The subsequent verses are simple to memorise after you have mastered the first. They sound a lot like the first verse.

I hope you like the entertaining tunes in The Great American Campfire Songbook. Good luck, and remember to enjoy yourself.

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