Nikon Premier LX Binoculars

Nikon Premier LX binoculars range have been considered amongst the finest offered for quite a while and have recently been updated to improve their outdoor performance. Particular attention has been paid to reducing the weight of the binoculars and improving the handling with the focus on improved ergonomics.

Costing in the region of $1400 these should be considered high end binoculars with a performance to match. The improved ergonomic design leads to positive handling improving your chances of glimpsing that hard to see bird or other wildlife.

Bird watchers flock to these Nikon Premier LX high performance binoculars, trusting in Nikon?s reputation and also experiencing excellent lenses and prism manufacture. Phase corrected silver coated prisms give a very detailed, high contrast, sharp images. Multi coated lenses manufactured with lead and arsenic free glass deliver excellent light transmission and superior image quality.

The sympathetic design enables the binoculars to accommodate spectacle wearers and most eyeware. The rubber eye cups slide and lock allowing users who use glasses to share the same binoculars with those that do not need glasses.

The top end optics are complemented by lightweight materials and a rugged binoculars design. Nikon Premier LX binoculars on made with a magnesium alloy chassis and lightweight glass, low handling weight avoids muscle tiredness on a long day’s viewing and helps to maintain a steady image. Rubber coating made from non-vinyl chloride helps to give a firm grip irregardless of weather conditions and the presence of rain.

Lens fog is a thing of the past with nitrogen gas filling the interior of the binoculars and also helping to prevent moisture collection with sudden temperature falls. Weather proofing is complemented by use of water tight o rings preventing ingress by snow, sleet or rain.

If you purchase a set of Nikon Premier LX binoculars you should view this as a long term investment in a hobby that is important to you. The initial price may be high but these binoculars will deliver excellent performance year after year. Significant thought has gone into the overall design and the recent changes in the range have built upon past strengths and taken the range to a new level.

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