Girl Scout Songs 

I must confess that I am not as familiar with Girl Scouts singing around a campfire. They must be far more polished and exquisite, I’m sure. They probably sing more songs that you might hear at a religious camp. I can’t see them singing the same obnoxious tunes I’ve heard at Boy Scout campfires. Am I correct????

Not according to what I’ve heard! My two girls have informed me what songs they like to sing! Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but I believe some of the tunes they sing would make a boy scout blush!

Don’t worry; that’s not the kind of music I’m going to promote here.

Every time I ask one of the young ladies I know what their favourite girl scout songs or campfire girl songs are, Princess Pat is the first one they mention. So, in addition to Princess Pat, here are a couple camping songs popular among girl scouts, campfire girls, and other female-oriented groups.

  • Princess Pat:
    This is a favorite among the girls. The whole song is in The Great American Campfire Songbook. It is a call and response song; a leader sings each phrase and everyone else repeats. Here are some fun actions to go with it:
    The Princess Pat (pose like and Egyptian)
    Lived in a tree (hands in the air like a tree)
    She sailed across (wavy hands like the ocean)
    The seven seas (hold up 7 fingers then form a ‘C’ with hand)
    She sailed across (wavy hands)
    The channel too (trace a channel w/2 hands then show #2)
    And took with her (throw a sack over shoulder)
    A rick-a-bamboo. (trace a wavy figure in front as you go down, bending knees as you go)

    A rick-a-bamboo (same as above)
    Now what is that? (shrug shoulders)
    It’s something made (bang one fist atop the other)
    By the Princess Pat. (Egyptian pose)
    It’s red and gold (one hand on hip, other hand up)
    And purple too. (reverse pose)
    That’s why they call (cup hands around mouth, and shout)
    It a rick-a-bamboo. (same as before)

    Now captain Jack (salute)
    And his mighty crew (salute some more)
    They sailed across (same as before)
    The channel too. (same as before)
    But their ship sank (plug nose and go down)
    And yours will too (point at audience)
    If you don’t take (throw invisible bag over shoulder)
    The rick-a-bamboo. (same as before)

    The Princess Pat (same as before)
    Saw captain Jack (hand above eyes like a lookout)
    She reeled him in (reel in like your fishing)
    And brought him back (pat on his imaginary back)
    She saved his life (salute)
    And his crew’s too (salute some more)
    And do you know how (shrug)
    With a rick-a-bamboo. (same as before)
  • A Little Miss:
    This is just fun. I don’t know of any actions, but there are definitely possibilities.
  • I Like Bananas, Coconuts and Grapes:
    Another favorite at girls camps. It can get silly as you replace all the vowels with an ‘e’ or ‘a’ or ‘o’. There are 5 vowels, but you can also use the different pronunciations of those vowels.
  • Happy Wanderer:
    Just a happy song.
  • I Love the Mountains:
    Just another happy song.

Make sure to check out The Great American Campfire Songbook. It’s a fantastic resource, including over 80 of the greatest and most requested camping tunes.

These are just a handful of my favourite Girl Scout camping songs. If you have any favourites, please send me an email with your recommendations. I can always add more songs to my repertoire.

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