Geocaching Goes Mobile with Geocache Navigator

Are you new to the sport of geocaching and wanting to buy your first GPS device? Or, have you ever wanted to go geocaching but couldn’t because you didn’t have your GPS device with you? Use your cell phone instead The Trimble Geocache NavigatorTM application for mobile phones is the first of its kind to include all of the available geocaching features. The programme integrates the built-in GPS functionality of your phone with the mobile data wireless network of your phone, giving you the ability to:

  • Search for caches near your current location with a single click.
  • Search for caches anywhere by entering an address, intersection, coordinates or a cache code.
  • Navigate to the geocache by following the direction in which the arrow on the built-in compass points.
  • View your location, and the location of the geocache, on an aerial, topographic or street map that you can pan and zoom.
  • Mark a cache as ‘found’ on so you can return home and share your experience with other geocachers.
  • If you have a GPS enabled mobile phone on Sprint, Nextel, Boost or Southern Linc networks you can get started caching today!

How it works

The geocache listings on are directly connected to the Geocache Navigator application, which gives you real-time access to caches that are located close to where you are. Your GPS-enabled mobile phone now doubles as both a web browser and a GPS device, allowing you to peruse cache listings and navigate directly to hidden locations. You will be able to use your phone to enter a record of your discovery after you have discovered the cache.

Logging Your Finds

You will be able to record your discovery of a cache by utilising the new ‘phone log’ option that has been added to Geocache Navigator. During your time spent searching for caches, this will ensure that all of your discoveries are properly documented online. When you go back to your house, you may write a more detailed log entry and put it on the cache’s website. You may easily keep track of your discoveries by clicking on the link labelled “my phone logs,” which can be found on the “my account” page at any time.

Interface You may make a fast inquiry of caches in your region using the main menu, or you can personalise your search to look for entries that are relevant to your interests. Alternatives for Navigation Both the standard compass interface as well as an alternate radar one are both accessible for use during navigation. interface. Mapping You may use the available aerial, topographic, and street map data to assist you in researching the cache location before you begin looking for it. The following mobile networks and GPS-enabled devices are compatible with Geocache Navigator: Sprint LG 550, 535 Motorola RAZR, KRZR Samsung A800, A880, A940, A920 Sanyo 6600, 7400, 5600, 8300, 9000, 7500, 8400, 6600 (Katana) Nextel Motorola i265, i275, i325, i355, i560, i580, i605, i615, i670, i710, i760, i830, i836, i850, i860, i870, i880, i920, and i930 Boost Nextel 80s, i205, i305, i30sx, i315, i325, i35s, i50sx, i530, i55sr, i58sr Gray, i58sr Yellow, i60c, i710, i830 Black, i830 Silver, i85s, i88s, i90c, i90c Swiss, i95cl and i99cl Language of the South Motorola i265, i275, i325, i355, i560, i580, i605, i615, i670, i710, i760, i830, i836, i850, i860, i870, i880, i920 and i930 Are you prepared to get things going? Visit to find out more information about this programme and the steps you need to do to have it installed on your phone. All rights reserved. Copyright 2000–2006 Groundspeak, Inc.

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