Easy Guitar Song Book

To be quite honest, I don’t utilise The Great American Campfire Songbook as much as I would want. That isn’t to say I don’t utilise it. On the contrary, I make extensive use of it. I offer guitar lessons, and since it is a simple guitar song book, I can use it with many of my students.

Beginning Guitar Students

It contains a tonne of tunes for beginners to learn the basic open chords on a guitar. Throughout the book, the G, D, A, E, C, and F chords, as well as the simple minor and 7th chords, are employed. As a beginner, you may focus on the fundamental chords without having to worry about more difficult bar chords or other sorts of challenging chords. Many guitarists just learn to play enough to sing along with. You may cover a wide range of songs by just memorising the chords from The Great American Campfire Songbook. There are around 80 songs to choose from. There is no more user-friendly simple guitar song book on the market.

Picking and Strumming

After you’ve mastered the fundamental open chords, you may wish to learn some strumming and picking patterns to liven up the songs you’ve learnt. Moving on to the fingerpicking level is not only enjoyable, but also not difficult. You only need to change your focus from your left to your right hand.

There are several methods to pluck and strum an instrument. Some folks just use a flat pick. Others, such as classical and fingerstyle guitarists, do not use a pick at all and instead use their fingers. Others use a flat pick between the thumb and first finger and fingerpick with the other fingers. Others utilise a thumb pick that slides onto the thumb and is then picked with the other fingers.

As I previously said, you must transfer your focus from your left to your right hand.

You may still concentrate on left-hand chords. Begin practising increasingly harder chords. Bar chords are useful to know. On the electric guitar, most players employ bar chords since they are simpler to press down on the strings. You may also learn to use a capo to raise or drop the pitch of a song, making it simpler to sing.

Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Students

The Great American Campfire Songbook is not intended for skilled guitarists. However, there are several things you may do to spice up the music by extending the tunes. Begin by studying some major and minor scales. The guitar is one of the most simple instruments to learn scales on. You can improvise after you’ve mastered the scale patterns.

Typically, the song’s layout, or shape, looks like this. Everyone sings one or two lines, then someone improvises once or twice. Guitar, banjo, or mandolin are excellent instruments for improvising on these tunes. You might also use a ukulele, accordion, or any other instrument.

When improvising, you might begin by playing the melody. Once you’ve mastered the melody, experiment with other rhythms and notes to jazz it up and spice it up. You must experiment. Continue to work on it. You will eventually start to hear nice tones coming from your guitar. I’ve put all of the songs in tablature so they’re simple to learn.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, I propose Jamorama. It is the most comprehensive, all-inclusive bundle I have seen for learning to play the guitar. It includes rock, country, jazz, and classical music. They cover both tablature and conventional music notation.

Click on the image below to discover more about Jamorama.

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