Cub Scout Songs 

The greatest suggestion for singing with cub scouts is to have fun and to be silly! Boys between the ages of seven and 10 have energy in every fibre of their bodies. They are positively brimming with passion and energy. Oh, if we could only bottle that energy and sell it, we’d be rich!

Getting them moving is one way to harness that energy. Here are some entertaining cub scout songs and goofy tunes you may use to suit the bill:

  • My Bonnie:

This is a great one to keep kids entertained. When you sing the letter “b,” alternate between standing and sitting.

  • There Ain’t No Bugs On Me:

This may be used to teach rhyming and creativity. The cubs are free to create their own verses. Simply substitute two more words that rhyme for bugs and cups. Some of our favourites include bees and knees, flies and people, ants and trousers, cougars and boogers (booger is a fantastic phrase to an 8-year-old! ), bears and hairs, and many more. Also, while singing the chorus, use your finger as if it were a bug. When you sing: “Mosquito, he fly high,” place your finger up high; “Mosquito, he fly low,” place your finger down low; “If old skeeter lands on me,” place your finger on some area of your body; “He ain’t going to fly now more,” slap the part of your body where the skeeter landed.

  • Jenny Jenkins:

Another one where the children may make up their own verses. Jenny is dressed in white in the opening verse. Bright is a word that rhymes with white. Have the cubs think of several colours and then come up with a term that rhymes with that hue. For example, I will not wear red since that is the colour of my hair. Or, instead of wearing red, I’d rather remain in bed. Or black; I’d sooner sit on a tack than wear black. Or blue; I’d sooner smell Bobby’s sneaker than wear blue. The options are limitless. Colors should be limited to one or two syllables. However, attempting to rhyme hues like “pomegranate” may be a lot of fun.

  • Waddaly Atcha:

This is an excellent exercise tune to listen to when sitting. You just sing with your hands. The motions are as follows: Pat your knees twice; clap twice; cross one hand over the other twice; switch hands and do the same thing; touch your nose then opposite shoulder with index finger; repeat with other index finger; wave bye bye twice with one hand; repeat with the other hand. That’s all. Repeat over and over again until you’ve had enough. You may also accelerate or decelerate it.

  • Chumbara:

This is something I offer for almost every age and demographic. It’s simple to learn; just one word. It’s simple to create new verses. Anything that has three syllables. Names like E-mi-ly or Bob-by-Jones are acceptable. Foods such as spa-ghet-ti and blue-ber-ry may be used. You may use locations like Del-a-ware or Camp-Brad-ley. You don’t have to limit yourself to three-syllable tunes; experiment with one, two, four, or even more and see what occurs!

These are all enjoyable tunes to perform. You might also utilise songs from the boy scout, girl scout, and church camp websites with cubs. If you have any recommendations for further songs to do with cubs, please contact me; I’d love to hear from you. I’m constantly seeking for fresh cub scout songs to teach my children.

Make sure to check out The Great American Campfire Songbook. It’s a fantastic resource, including over 80 of the greatest and most requested camping tunes.

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