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    Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting

    The ins and outs of canoeing, kayaking, and rafting are covered here. Articles, advertisements, photographs, outfitters, and dealers in canoes, kayaks, and accessories; Buyer’s Guides for canoes, kayaks, and accessories;


    Important information for the explorer of the cave. Find a caver, a weather forecast, clubs, guidance, and accommodations, as well as a calendar of activities.

    Soaring and Gliding Together

    The most comprehensive and high-quality source of information, publications, and equipment for hang gliding and soaring in the United States. Training hills, tandem flights, and mountainous terrain

    Ballooning using Hot Air

    Home on the web for hot air ballooning and related activities. Find out where you can go on a balloon ride, how balloons move through the air, and what it takes to become a balloon pilot, or locate a festival that celebrates ballooning in your area.


    Providing a global directory of flying sites in addition to information on world records, contests, and news.


    The internet’s most comprehensive collection of skydiving gear, publications, and information

    Hiking An in-depth look at the sport of hiking. Trail finders, gear guidelines, and hiking advice are all provided here.


    Paintball weapons, equipment, and accessories at reasonable costs. Evaluations of the most widely used paintball weapons. Information for newcomers, coverage of tournaments, major games, and scenarios, as well as news, frequently asked questions and information sheets, and image galleries

    The sport of climbing rocks

    Dedicated to the development of ground-breaking and engaging indoor rock climbing, rock climbing gear, and rock climbing publications.


    The outdoor activity known as “geocaching” is a kind of treasure hunting in which players use a Global Positioning System receiver or other forms of navigational technology to conceal and seek containers known as “geocaches” or “caches” anywhere in the globe. The most common kind of cache is a sma.

    Mountain Biking

    Find reviews of bikes and gear, guidance for cycling and mountain biking, cycling and mountain biking tips, training articles, expert bicycling advice, knowledge of bicycle maintenance, and a community that is committed to biking.

    Kite Boarding

    A large variety of kite surfing items from brands such as Airush, Cabrinha, F-One, Liquid Force, Naish, RRD, and Slingshot, in addition to information on the sport and how to learn it.

    Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving is where you will discover unique and educational SCUBA information, as well as diving links, articles on how to scuba dive, and diving gear.


    The most helpful information, articles, and resources pertaining to windsurfing can be found on the internet.