Church Camp Songs 

I’ve attended several church-sponsored camps. They typically sing what everyone else does: humorous songs, folk songs, old time songs, disgusting songs, classic campfire songs, and maybe a few religious or uplifting songs.

I included numerous songs on Bible figures and African American spirituals in The Great American Campfire Songbook.

I’ve also discovered that they like to be more planned in order to have a good and memorable campfire experience. The finest church campfires I’ve attended had a variety of church camp songs intermingled with anecdotes, some humorous and others more spiritual in nature. The campfire would often conclude with a minister, bishop, priest, or other church official imparting one of Christ’s tales, parables, or qualities. Of course, if you follow a different religion than Christianity, you might educate about your prophet or religious views.

Here are some of my favorite church camp songs:

  • Amazing Grace:

This is a lovely song. It’s simple, with just three chords. The melody is one of the most well-known. This song has significantly more meaning if you know where it comes from. John Newton’s tale is really motivating. You may discover various online sites about it by ‘googling’ it. Amazing Grace, a film on John Newton, is also available.

  • Down by the Riverside:

This is a spiritual written by African Americans. The lyrics of this hymn, like other spirituals, repeat, so after you master a couple of lines, you have the whole verse memorised.

  • Peace as a River:

Again, since the phrases are repeated over and again, this is a simple spiritual to memorise.

  • I Love the Mountains:

Although there is no mention of God or religion in this song, it is a nice church camp song. This is a favourite among female scouts. It describes many of the natural wonders that God has made. I don’t believe you can sing this song without feeling pleasure and appreciation for everything that God has given us.

  • The Happy Wanderer:

This song is pretty similar to the one before it. It’s impossible to sing it without feeling happy and connected to God and nature.

  • Kumbaya:

Kumbaya must be included! This is most likely the most popular church camp song of all time. It’s well-known and simple to sing.

  • He’s Got the Whole World:

Another African American spiritual that is almost as popular around campfires as Kumbaya.

  • You Can’t Get to Heaven:

It doesn’t truly teach how to go to heaven, but it’s entertaining to sing. If your children take it seriously, you should remind them that even if they die while wearing roller skates or sitting in a rocking rocker, they can still go to paradise. Who knows, maybe if people feel they can’t go to heaven on roller skates, they’ll be more cautious! On this song, you may even write up your own verses.

  • Peace Like a River:

Another one of my favourites. It’s simple to learn, simple to teach, and simple to play the guitar. If done correctly, it is also a very soothing tune.

If these aren’t the kinds of church camp songs you’re searching for, you can certainly discover songs from your pastor, priest, or other religious leader that are more appropriate for your denomination. Some hymns are pretty simple to play on guitar, although they may need to be transposed into an easier key. Many hymns are written in flat keys, making them difficult to perform on the guitar.

Please tell me if you know of any church camp songs or scout songs that should be on this list or in The Great American Campfire Songbook.

Best wishes for your campfire singing. Remember to enjoy yourself!

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