Best Heavy Duty Military Tents

Since the time of the American Civil War, members of the armed forces have been using the same model of camping tent. This is something that might be of interest to you. Mail Call on The History Channel is one of my favourite shows to watch because I am obsessed with military history. They aired a show about it where they talked about military tents.

Since the middle of the 1800s, the military has been providing individual members of the armed forces with field shelter halves, sometimes known as “pup tents.” These tents do not exceed a height of 3.5 feet and are not particularly watertight in any way.

The term “pup tent” was given to shelter halves by the army battalions that used them during the Civil War. According to one version of events, the 6th Iowa Infantry is responsible for coining the term “dog tags,” “dog face,” and “dog biscuits,” all of which were early examples of slang used in the military.

Another account states that the 15th Chattanooga Infantry, who began referring to their tents as doghouses in the year 1864, are the ones responsible for giving pup tents their name.

The fact that Eureka! is attempting to interest the military in their new camping tents, which they refer to as Individual Combat Shelters or ICS, is fortunate for the service members. This tent utilises modern materials and is quite lightweight.

These brand-new tents have a fascinating feature in that they are immune to detection by infrared (IR) and night vision (NV) cameras and equipment. These new tents are significantly more robust than the standard shelter half and help keep the soldier drier inside. In addition to this, they are considerably less cumbersome and significantly lighter.

Additionally, Eureka! has created the Modular General Purpose Tent System, also known as the MGPTS. This tent is a significant improvement over the older cabin tents that are commonly used by military troops.

Instead of having 5 feet of headroom, the MGPTS has 7.5 feet of headroom. The tent itself is equipped with mosquito netting for your comfort. The windows and doors may be rolled up, and in the event of a power outage, they can be rolled down so that they do not radiate any light.

The entire system is designed to be modular. The system is capable of being enlarged indefinitely; all that is required is the addition of one more 18′ × 18′ modular bay. Instead of using wooden poles to hold these tents, the method uses aluminium poles, which are not only lighter but also stronger and won’t break.

The tent’s exterior is covered in a vinyl polyester fabric that is quite robust, and it features a waterproof coating. The tent is able to be outfitted with a liner made of saranex, which functions in a manner analogous to that of Syran Wrap and provides protection from biological and chemical agents. Even the heat and air conditioning for the tent are controlled by the tent’s own own ductwork for environmental control.

The military approached Eureka! with the request that the company build a tent that did not utilise any support systems in the interior space’s centre. They were able to make use of a corner arch that ascends the whole circumference of the structure, reaches the top, and then descends on the other side. This removed the necessity for the middle pole, which resulted in additional space being made available within.

Eureka! has a long history of producing high-quality tents for civilian use. It was extremely intriguing to learn that the military is making use of their experience in camping equipment to assist in the care of our troops while they are deployed overseas.

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