Andrew was born one day.

He had a dream fourteen years later. That desire was to traverse the world with a bunch of friends for a summer of spontaneity and adventure. Because such a journey would not be feasible until the end of his senior year of high school, he had four years to imagine and create, limited only by time.

“Someday…” he’d sigh.

As the days grew into weeks, and the months turned into years, Andrew realized that his concept was too ludicrous and impracticable; none of his friends would spend their time, money, or energy on producing such an intense trip. They all refused, held back by varied vernal infatuations.

The thrill, the possibility! Why weren’t people lining up to be a part of such an extraordinary adventure?

Andrew made a buddy who seemed to be as insane as he was just in time. Kevin was his name.

Kevin was initially drawn to the All-American Roadtrip after hearing about it. He quickly started to include his own ideas into the planning process and became an essential part of the journey.

Andrew and Kevin both dug completely into life over the following year. After a piercing year filled with both fulfilling experiences and difficult moments of adversity, their summer trip shifted emphasis to something altogether different, something much more significant.

This excursion would not be a period of wild debauchery, as many teens yearn for during their final year. Instead of a real physical voyage, Andrew and Kevin would go on a spiritual, transcendental adventure.

“I need to uncover my roots before I can grow branches,” Andrew wrote in his travel notebook.

…moved by creative expression…captivated by human ideas and culture…captivated by natural magnificence…

They are traveling the nation to acquire perspective, ready to open their eyes. They are traversing the nation to discover life because they are passionate about it.

And, as Kevin puts it, “this is only the beginning…”

… and that is the start of this website and more of our stories.

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